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Romantic things to do in Venice

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Romantic things to do in Venice

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Romantic things to do in Venice

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Give Wings to Your Ultimate Love Story in Venice

Venice – perfect city for people who are love struck and want to enjoy their intense feelings in a real paradise. This place is filled with beautiful locations and secret places where you can spend quality time together holding each other's hands and remembering all the promises that you both have made to each other. There are a lot of main attraction locations where you will find people strolling with a hand in hand. These places include Rialto Bridge, St. Mark's Square, Bridge of Signs and much more. 

Romantic things to do in Venice - Why a photo session?

The best thing about Venice is that you will have plenty of things to do. I have seen many people choosing Venice as their honeymoon destination and the reason is not only the beauty of the city but the other lovely things that people can enjoy after being in such a wonderful place. This city is believed to have romance in the air. So, whosoever comes here feels the same till the stay. Let's now discuss these Romantic Things to do in Venice that you can enjoy with you love. All you need to take with you is a best photographer who can help you catch your special moments in a memory. 

Have you ever gone for a Gondola ride with your love? I am sure you will love it. The Gondola ride is very famous in Venice. You will have your girl sitting beside you in it and the cabin slowly takes you in between the beautiful Renaissance buildings and baroque. You will love the scenery and the finest class of architecture in the buildings that you see from your seat. You can pick up your Gondola at any of the main bridges, whether it's Academia or Rialto. 

Casanova - world's famous romantic lover in Venice  

You might have heard the name "Casanova". This term is used for the world's famous lover and people who want to have the lovely sight of this place can follow the Casanova steps. They can feel the same love while sipping the best wine at Do Spade bar on Calle de Spade which is located near the Rialto Bridge where Casanova is believed to meet his lovers. There is one more place to know about Casanova i.e. the Doge's Palace which is his prison home till he fled away from that building.

Looking for some different romantic things to do in Venice ? 

People love boat rides especially those who want to spend a lovely evening with their loved ones while having the beautiful water droplets moving around them. You can take your motorboat to the Venetian Lagoon and reach to the unspoilt Islands that are surrounding the city. You can also go for a shopping session for color glass ornaments in the Wander Burano's streets of pastel houses. You can make your ride more special by capturing the best shots with help of a professional photo shooter.

Again, you are in a city where you shall love to see a wonderful sunset scene at the sheer scale of Domes of Basilica San Marco which is located on the city's romantic Central Square. You can also go the Doge's Palace.

So, if you are looking for an ideal honeymoon place, I don't think there is any other better option than Venice. You can browse some online websites that will provide you complete details regarding this place and how you can get a good photographer to stock your moments into memories. So, visit Venice, make your love feel on cloud nine and enjoy your special moments in such a special city.

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